Fresh Plaice FilletsFresh Plaice Fillets

Fresh Plaice Fillets

Great value flat fish, pan ready

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Pollack Portions (140-160G)Pollack Portions (140-160G)

Pollack Portions (140-160G)

Highly sustainable locally caught portions, serves 2

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Yellowfin Tuna Loin Portion (approx. 200g)Yellowfin Tuna Loin Portion (approx. 200g)

Yellowfin Tuna Loin Portion (approx. 200g)

Finest quality & responsibly sourced, serves 1

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Sea Bass Fillets (140-160g)Sea Bass Fillets (140-160g)

Sea Bass Fillets (140-160g)

Ready to cook fresh farmed fillets, serves 2

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Sea Bream Fillets (140-160g)Sea Bream Fillets (140-160g)

Sea Bream Fillets (140-160g)

Sweet fresh flavours ready to cook fillets, serves 2

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Cod Fillet PortionsCod Fillet Portions

Cod Fillet Portions

High-quality Icelandic cod (2 chunky portions)

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Whiting Fish Fillets (100-140g)Whiting Fish Fillets (100-140g)

Whiting Fish Fillets (100-140g)

Prepared & ready to cook, serves 2

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Luxury Fish Pie MixLuxury Fish Pie Mix

Luxury Fish Pie Mix

Not just for pie - perfect in curries, tray bakes and more

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Lemon Sole Fillets (100-130g)Lemon Sole Fillets (100-130g)
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Lemon Sole Fillets (100-130g)

Delicate, sweet and delicious

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