Smoked Salmon Long CutSmoked Salmon Long Cut

Smoked Salmon Long Cut

As served in our London restaurants

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Smoked Mackerel FilletsSmoked Mackerel Fillets

Smoked Mackerel Fillets

Traditionally smoked & peppered (pack of 2)

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Smoked Trout FilletsSmoked Trout Fillets

Smoked Trout Fillets

Cured and smoked over oak (pack of 2)

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Hot Smoked Salmon PortionHot Smoked Salmon Portion

Hot Smoked Salmon Portion

Smoked in hot and cold smoke over oak chips

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Smoked Haddock FilletSmoked Haddock Fillet

Smoked Haddock Fillet

Great in kedgeree, fish pie or gratin

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Smoked Seafood BoxSmoked Seafood Box
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Smoked Seafood Box

For smoked seafood lovers

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