Dover Sole Whole (280-340g)Dover Sole Whole (280-340g)

Dover Sole Whole (280-340g)

Our favourite fish - a top pick!

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Wild Sea Bass Whole (1-1.5kg)Wild Sea Bass Whole (1-1.5kg)

Wild Sea Bass Whole (1-1.5kg)

Locally hook & line caught, serves 3-4

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Steelhead Trout, Whole Fillet (1kg)Steelhead Trout, Whole Fillet (1kg)

Steelhead Trout, Whole Fillet (1kg)

Quality Scottish trout. Ready to cook, serves 6+

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Sea Bream Whole (600-800g)Sea Bream Whole (600-800g)

Sea Bream Whole (600-800g)

Highly regarded and delicious, serves 1 or 2

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Sea Bass Whole (400-600g)Sea Bass Whole (400-600g)

Sea Bass Whole (400-600g)

Highly rated farmed fish at a great value, serves 1 or 2 to share

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Sea Bass Whole (1.2-1.5kg)Sea Bass Whole (1.2-1.5kg)
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Sea Bass Whole (1.2-1.5kg)

High quality sea bass by aquaculture specialists, serves 3

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Whole Fresh BrillWhole Fresh Brill
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Whole Fresh Brill

A premium quality fish similar to turbot

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