We deliver 5 days a week from Tuesday – Saturday

Deliveries for Greater London (post codes listed below) are made by Wright Brothers own temperature controlled vans and via DPD for the rest of UK Mainland (please note at this time, we do not deliver to Channel Islands, Scottish Highlands & Islands) for which we use Woolcool food packaging to ensure our seafood stays cool and is delivered in perfect condition.

UK Mainland deliveries via DPD on Saturdays are subject to a £6.00 surcharge regardless of order value.

Sunday to Wednesday we offer a 3 day delivery turnaround, and 5 days on Thursday and Friday, please refer to our chart below. We don't deliver Sunday or Monday.

Our order cut-off time is Midnight.

 Order placed (before midnight) Delivery Day
Monday Thursday
Tuesday Friday
Wednesday Saturday
Thursday Tuesday
Friday Wednesday
Saturday Wednesday
Sunday Wednesday

Greater London deliveries: these will be made by our drivers between 8am & 6pm. We will email you on the day of delivery to remind you that your box is out for delivery and provide you with an approximate 2 hour delivery window.

DPD deliveries (UK Mainland): these will be made by DPD on Tuesday-Saturday between 8am & 7pm. If you require your order for a dinner we recommend you arrange delivery a day in advance of your dinner. Please note that DPD will provide an approximate 1 hour delivery slot to help ensure safe delivery.

Not going to be in or require a 'no contact' delivery?

Please leave our drivers instructions in the 'Delivery Instructions' box. You can find this on the first page of the checkout process.

Please note that we cannot accept orders via email or telephone. Ordering online is simple, it should only take a few minutes! 

Postcodes we deliver to with our Wright Brothers vans within Greater London. If your postcode isn't listed, we will deliver via DPD courier instead.

BR1*, BR2*, BR3*, BR4*, E1*, E10*, E11*, E12*, E13*, E14*, E15*, E16*, E17*, E18*, E1W*, E2*, E20*, E3*, E4*, E5*, E6*, E7*, E77*, E8*, E9*, E98*, EC1A*, EC1M*, EC1N*, EC1P*, EC1R*, EC1V*, EC1Y*, EC2A*, EC2M*, EC2N*, EC2P*, EC2R*, EC2V*, EC2Y*, EC3A*, EC3B*, EC3M*, EC3N*, EC3P*, EC3R*, EC3V*, EC4A*, EC4M*, EC4N*, EC4P*, EC4R*, EC4V*, EC4Y*, EC50*, EC88*, N1*, N10*, N11*, N12*, N13*, N14*, N15*, N16*, N17*, N18*, N19*, N1C*, N1P*, N2*, N20*, N21*, N22*, N3*, N4*, N5*, N6*, N7*, N8*, N81*, N9*, NW1*, NW10*, NW11*, NW1W*, NW2*, NW26*, NW3*, NW4*, NW5*, NW6*, NW7*, NW8*, NW9*, SE1*, SE10*, SE11*, SE12*, SE13*, SE14*, SE15*, SE16*, SE17*, SE18*, SE19*, SE1P*, SE2*, SE20*, SE21*, SE22*, SE23*, SE24*, SE25*, SE26*, SE27*, SE28*, SE3*, SE4*, SE5*, SE6*, SE7*, SE8*, SE9*, SE99*, SW10*, SW11*, SW12*, SW13*, SW14*, SW15*, SW16*, SW17*, SW18*, SW19*, SW1A*, SW1E*, SW1H*, SW1P*, SW1V*, SW1W*, SW1X*, SW1Y*, SW2*, SW20*, SW3*, SW4*, SW5*, SW6*, SW7*, SW8*, SW9*, SW95*, SW99*, TW1*,  TW9*, W1*, W10*, W11*, W12*, W13*, W14*, W1A*, W1B*, W1C*, W1D*, W1F*, W1G*, W1H*, W1J*, W1K*, W1M*, W1N*, W1P*, W1R*, W1S*, W1T*, W1U*, W1V*, W1W*, W1X*, W1Y*, W2*, W3*, W4*, W5*, W6*, W7*, W8*, W9*, WC1A*, WC1B*, WC1E*, WC1H*, WC1N*, WC1R*, WC1V*, WC1X*, WC2A*, WC2B*, WC2E*, WC2H*, WC2N*, WC2R*