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VAR Salmon is a  farmed fish from a pioneering salmon farm off the Faroe Islands. The whole farming process is centred around the welfare of the fish from fish egg to the eventual harvest where no chemical or antibiotics are used, making this fish a premium species. The quality of these beautiful fish is close to wild salmon. For perfect results, poach or roast in the oven.

  • 1.25kg 
  • Serves 6 - 8
  • Lovely firm, meaty texture
  • Available all year

About Salmon Var, Side

Atlantic salmon is the largest grossing farmed fin fish in the world grossing over 10 billion dollars annually. In the UK we import over 69,000 tons of Atlantic salmon on an annual basis. 

Salmon are anadronomus, meaning they can live in both fresh and salt water. Wild fish will migrate from the fresh rivers to salt water and then back to fresh water to reproduce every year.

As nearly all of the Atlantic salmon is farmed this fish will be very consistent in its size and availability and flavour throughout the year.

Easy ways to cook Salmon Var, Side

Cook in olive oil and/or knob of butter in frying pan or under grill.


As this fish is farmed availability will be excellent throughout the year.


Open pens in Europe are very sustainable with a MCS rating of 2.

Similar Fish to Salmon Var, Side

Rainbow trout, sea trout, wild salmon, Arctic char.

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